1:1 Part elevation, part section installation of the Darlington pod for the Plymouth University HOT '17 degree show.


The installation consists of 67 laser cut plywood panels showing a part elevation, part sectional view of the pod and its major design move of the skylight and view of the stars in bed at night. The exhibition also consists of original models and drawings of the design process and construction of the structure. 




Wining submission to the Darlington Estate Field of dreams design competition for a prototype of a wider scheme of eco 'glamping' pods, built with locally sourced renewable materials and labour. 


The pod looks to celebrate the use of wood as a sustainable, renewable material; together with its use for heating. The physical approach to the pod provides a glimpse of the use of wood in both aspects of being used for cladding and burnt for heating; the locally made burnt cedar mimicking the burning of the wood in the stove.


The creation of an angled skylight allows stargazing whilst in bed at night, and the pitch of the roof allowing the illumination of the seating area during the morning. The skylight is intended to face approximately South West to allow this. Subsequently the external deck seating area faces the setting sun, becoming a space used in the evening.


The external log store sits within the void beneath the stairs leading up to the bed. Once dried these can be carried in and placed beneath the stove-side bench, this store being visible through a plane of glass from the outside.

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