Field of Dreams - Eco Pod

Following the Field of Dreams design competition, the construction of the Darlington 'tiny house' eco pod. This follows the Dartington Trusts wider scheme to explore the tiny house movement and implement self builds on their estate.

The pod consists of a single floor with a split level bed facing towards the above skylight, this allows a user to 'star gaze' whilst in the bed. the below level features a living/study area where the log burner can be attended to.

The pod is clad with charred larch boards which echoes the camp fire and the idea of wood being employed for human use, whether for shelter, or fuel.

The pod acts as a primer for a wider scheme which the Dartington Estate is beginning to implement, which explores the idea of the tiny house movement. This fits with their ethos of

sustainable, socially aware typologies and schemes.

The pod has since featured in several publications, including the Guardian.

The Guardian

Plymouth University

Plymouth Science park

The Totnes Times